CCHC Lecture Series – Carrier of Macao Dragon Culture 澳門龍文化的載體


Prof. TAM Mei Leng


25 Apr 2019


14:15 - 15:45


Pui Ching Middle School


The theme is intended to cover two topics: The dragon as a totem of the Chinese nation has been carrying forward for thousands of years. Every Chinese thinks that they are the blood of the dragon. The dragon culture can also be interpreted to be a major part of Chinese culture.  The theme of the lecture “Macao Dragon Culture” will start from the intangible cultural heritage of Macao, and talk about the dragon dance movement and competition in Macao today. Let the “Dragon’s Successor” living in Macao deepen the understanding of the cultural connotation of the self.


Students and teacher of Pui Ching Middle School


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