FAH Alumni Day – Sharing Experience with Current Students


26 Oct 2019


11:00 - 13:30


E4-G062 & G051


FAH is going to hold the 2019 Alumni Day on Oct 26 from 11:00am-1:30pm in E4-G062 & 51, with the theme of Sharing Experience with Current Students.

What is life like after graduating from FAH? Join us for this exciting event and hear from 4 panels of alumni in a diverse array of career fields. They will share some of their career experience and provide valuable tips on what to expect beyond graduation and how to navigate your future career path. Refreshments will be served. You can interact with the alumni. All are welcome!

Panel: 1)Public Service; 2)Education; 3)Culture & Event planning; 4) Language & Research.

Seats are limited! Register now or by 21 October:  https://forms.gle/bfexrQybtjvsdryU7

**1SP & 25.0 “Citizenship with Global Perspectives” (CS) will be given to the participants.

1. Students who attend the WHOLE activity and arrive ON TIME will be given one Smart Point
2. Students who arrive late or leave early within 10 minutes will be given only half a Smart Point
3. Students who arrive late or leave early over 10 minutes will NOT be given any Smart Point
4. Students who leave the venue during the activity for over 15 minutes will NOT be given any Smart Point
5. Students are required to check in/out of the activity with Student ID Card. For those who do not respect the activity or neglect the staff’s guidance, SAO reserves the right to cancel his/her Smart Point


All are welcome




Ms. Kitty Ieong (tel: 8822 4694; email: kittyieong@um.edu.mo)
Mr. Cyrus Leung (tel: 8822 4042; email: cyrusleung@um.edu.mo)