FAH-CPC: Intercultural Dialogues – Chinese Characters and Western Notions


Professor Ana Cristina Alves


1 - 4 Apr 2019


19:00 - 21:30


E21-1046, Humanities and Social Sciences Building


Session 1 – Feminine and Masculine in Eastern and Western Thoughts (01/04/2019; Portuguese)
– The relation between Philosophy and Religion in Western and Eastern traditions:
• Transcendent and Immanent worldviews
• The Greek Mythology, a bridge between different thoughts
• Pangu (盤古) and Nǚwa (女媧) in Chinese Thought
• Yīn () and Yáng () in The Book of Changes (《易經》), an etymological approach of the Feminine and Masculine in Chinese Tradition

Session 3 – Chinese Dào and Plato’s Cave (03/04/2019; Portuguese)
– The Philosophical Dào (道) of Plato and Mencius, differences and similarities
– The Way of Virtue in both philosophers
– Mount Niu (牛山) and Cave Allegory
– Love in Plato and Mencius: rising and remembering the Way of Heaven
– The ideograms of Confucian Philosophy: The Way of Earth

Session 4 – Confucian Virtues versus Socratic Virtue (04/04/2019; English)
– Confucian Virtues versus Socratic Virtue
– The ideograms of Confucian Philosophy: The ethical and Political Rén
– The Confucian Gentleman versus the Socratic Philosopher
– The Chinese Confucian diversity and the Greek Socratic search for unity

Professor Ana Alves is currently an academic teacher and researcher of University of Lisbon. Her research area include Chinese and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, Chinese Religious Thoughts, Chinese-Portuguese Translation Theory and Practice. She has many articles and publications on Chinese and Portuguese cultures and translation.

To register, please scan the QR code on the attached poster or visit the following link: https://go.um.edu.mo/ lngjpne8 by 3:00PM Friday, 29 Mar 2019.


Note: Session 2 on “Prejudices: Chinese Wisdom and Western Philosophy” will be held at Rui Cunha Foundation on 02/04/2019 18:30-21:00 that will open to the public.


UM staff and students


Portuguese (for Session 1&3) and English (for Session 4)


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