FAH Development Retreat: Intended Learning Outcomes Workshop & Research Forum


19 Aug 2016


Outside campus


On Friday, FAH is going to organize its Faculty Development Retreat. This Retreat is composed of 2 parts: Faculty workshop on Intended Learning Outcomes and the Research Forum. During the first part of the day, the FAH academic staff will work in specialist groups improving and refining their syllabi to reflect some basic principles of OBTL. This will be followed by a plenary feedback session in which any challenges faced by specific subject areas can be examined and resolved through general discussion. As for the second round of the activity, the main focus is to publicize and disseminate within the Faculty some of the latest research being conducted by its members. Although high quality internationally recognized research is a constant feature of the Faculty’s work, it is not always known of by other Faculty members and so some golden opportunities for research collaboration may pass unnoticed. This event  will, therefore, strengthen possibilities for collaboration across the Faculty and further enhance the Faculty’s research culture.


Registered FAH staff




Ms. Maggie Chan
(853) 8822 4927