“Immerse in the multicultural world” – UM FAH Open Day 2020


12 Jan 2020


11:00 - 17:00


E21A Faculty of Arts and Humanities


The University of Macau (UM) is to hold the UM Open Day on 12 Jan 2020 (Sunday). The UM Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) features “Immerse in the multicultural world” with 11 booth games and 2 cultural exhibitions. Visitors will be exposed to the multilingual world as they explore human stories, experience riches of various cultures, play games and win prizes.

Come and learn more about the unique learning environment of FAH.

Game booths:

  1. Chinese Cultural Talents Quiz
  2. Find UM’s Motto in Analects
  3. Lusophony Memory
  4. Japanese Style Cloth Wrapping
  5. Word Hunting Challenge
  6. Mini United Nations
  7. What do you know about History of Macau?
  8. Portuguese Language Booth
  9. UM Lucky Wheel
  10. Philosophy Treasure Hunt
  11. Cultural pavilion

Cultural exhibitions:

  1. Exhibition of Chinese History and Culture and Macao (Located at E34 Exhibition and Multifunction Hall of Cultural Building)
  2. The Galleries: Sources, Voices, Histories (Located at E21B Second Floor, Department of History)

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All are welcome


FAH General Office
Ms. Lisa LAM
Tel: 8822 8910
Email: lisalam@um.edu.mo