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9 Apr 2015




Jakob the Liar (Jakob der Lügner) (1974) by Frank Beyer. 1944, in a Polish ghetto: Jakob Heym accidentally overhears a news broadcast announcing the advancement of the Red Army. The news could give new courage to those who have lost all hope in the ghetto. In order to spread the news, Jakob has to lie about the circumstances through which he came to hear the news, as people are unlikely to believe him. Jakob heard the news, which he was never meant to learn about, in the offices of the Gestapo. He claims to have a secret radio. From then on, he is forced to come up with more news reports; the victims in the ghetto are given fresh hope and the number of suicides decreases. However, Jakob’s inventiveness can’t prevent the deportation from taking place.


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German with English subtitles


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