Summertime English: An Immersion Experience 2017


17 - 28 Jul 2017


08:00 - 21:20


University of Macau


Programme Introduction:

The ‘Summertime English: An Immersion Experience.’ Programme is designed to provide Macao secondary school students with an immersion opportunity to engage in cultural-related activities using English. In each one-week programme, participants will engage in approximately 35 hours of theme-based activities, e.g. readings and performance, digital story reading and creation, music activities, competitions/contests, workshops, demonstrations, project-work, presentations, etc.

Through this Summertime English program, the University wishes to promote to Macao’s secondary school students the authentic use of English in both the everyday context as well as the creative expressions of cultures through individual and group projects and digital story telling.

Programme objectives for participants:

By the end of this programme, participants will have:

  1. Created a portfolio of work including digital stories in English that demonstrates the participant’s understanding, interpretation and appreciation of different cultures or a particular cultural aspect, such as arts, music or daily life;
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of the theme-based English vocabulary related to the understanding, interpretation and appreciation of different cultures or a particular cultural aspect;
  3. Demonstrated the ability to express their comments on their own and their peers’ cultural productions in English;
  4. Shown that they can understand and follow practical instructions in English as part of cultural-related presentations and demonstrations;

Shown that they can understand and produce vocabulary relevant to creative and artistic practices.


All current Form 4 or 5 students (16-18 yrs old) from Macao




Ms Tenny Chan / Ms Sheryl Ho
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