Bachelor of Arts

Chinese Language and LiteratureDepartment of Chinese Language and Literature
English StudiesDepartment of English
Japanese StudiesCentre for Japanese Studies
Portuguese StudiesDepartment of Portuguese

FAH also offers French, German and Spanish courses to UM students.


Japanese StudiesCentre for Japanese Studies
PhilosophyPhilosophy and Religious Studies Programme
Portuguese StudiesDepartment of Portuguese
Spanish StudiesDepartment of Portuguese
TranslationDepartment of English

Master of Arts

Chinese LinguisticsDepartment of Chinese Language and Literature
Chinese LiteratureDepartment of Chinese Language and Literature
English StudiesDepartment of English
Second Language Acquisition Departments of Chinese, English and Portuguese
Portuguese Language and Intercultural StudiesDepartment of Portuguese
Translation Studies (English-Chinese)Department of English
Translation Studies (Portuguese-Chinese)Department of Portuguese


Linguistics (Chinese)Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Literary Studies (Chinese)Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Linguistics (English)Department of English
Literary Studies (English)Department of English
Applied Linguistics (Portuguese)Department of Portuguese
Literary and Intercultural Studies (Portuguese)Department of Portuguese
Philosophy and Religious StudiesPhilosophy and Religious Studies Programme


Call for Applications of FAH Exchange Programmes in Spring Semester 2018/2019


FAH Exchange Programmes

FAH is dedicated to providing a range of overseas study experiences to our students. Through strategic collaborations with our global partners, FAH offers our students the opportunity to gain valuable cross-cultural experience and to enrich their sense of appreciation of global issues.


GAO Exchange Programmes

Some exchange programmes for undergraduate and graduate students are operated by the Global Affairs Office. Students interested in applying for these programmes should approach the Global Affairs Office for details and the most up-to-date exchange policies.

Summer Programmes

The Students Affairs Office runs a number of summer programmes to cater for the needs of students who would like to enrich their international experience by making use of the summer holidays; students interested in applying for those summer programmes should approach the Students Affairs Office.

Please visit SAO’s website for details.

FAH Summer Programmes

Portuguese Language and Culture Summer Course

  • Target: 16+ years old
  • Time: July/August
  • Duration: 3 weeks

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Summer English Immersion Programme

  • Target: UM incoming students
  • Time: July
  • Duration: 4 weeks

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Summertime English: An Immersion Experience

  • Target: High school F4 and F5 students
  • Time: July
  • Duration: 1 week

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