FAH-DCLL Academic Seminar: “Imagination as a key factor in LMLS (Language Maintenance and Language Shift) in transnational families” by Prof. Zhu Hua 人文學院中國語言文學系學術講座:「想像是跨國移居家庭傳承語維持與轉用的關鍵因素」- 祝華教授


祝華教授 Prof. Zhu Hua


15 Jun 2018







The primary aim of this presentation is to put forward an argument that imagination plays a key role in whether and how members of transnational families individually and collectively maintain or relinquish their heritage languages and adopt other languages as part of their multilingual repertoires. Imagination is defined here as the vision of where and what one might be or become at some future point in time. We base our argument on linguistic ethnography over two decades with transnational families of Chinese ethnic origin in the UK. Families that seem to have kept their heritage languages and families that have given them up were invited to talk about where, what and how they would see themselves in ten years’ time, and a selection of them are subsequently interviewed and observed after the ten-year period. Their responses are analysed in terms of their constructed experiences, environments and visions of the future; their perceptions and imaginations of different places and cultures; key moments in re-evaluation, or re-imagining, that led to major behavioural changes; and self-evaluation of their imaginations. Particular attention is given to differences and tensions between the imaginations of individuals of the same families, as well as changes to the imaginations over time. Theoretical and methodological implications of studying imagination as a key factor for language maintenance and language shift, and for bilingualism research generally, are discussed.



我們以保持傳承語和放棄傳承語的兩類英國華裔跨國移居家庭為對象,進行了長達二十多年的語言民族志調查研究,得出上述結論。調查採用敘事性訪談方法,訪談分兩個階段進行:在第一個階段訪談中,主要請跨國移居家庭成員設想未來十年會在什麼地方生活,會做什麼,以及會成為什麼樣的人?十年之後,從這些接受訪談的家庭中挑選一部分家庭進行第二階段的回訪。我們對訪談結果進行了分析,分析內容包括:1. 過去的生活經驗;2. 對未來經歷與環境等的設想;3. 對各地及不同的文化的認知與想像;4. 引起主要行為變化的重新評估或重新想像的關鍵時刻;5. 對各種想像的自我評價。我們還重點分析了同一家庭中不同成員在想像方面的分歧和衝突,以及隨著時間的推移在想像方面發生的變化。最後,文章還討論了在語言維持與轉用研究以及一般的雙語研究領域,把想像作為一個關鍵因素來研究所具有的理論、方法上指導意義。


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