Activity Photo Sharing : Ballroom Dancing 1 & 2 on 16 & 23 November 2016

5 Dec 2016

Ballroom Dancing, the second activity in November provided by the English Language Centre, Faculty of Arts and Humanities was held on 16 and 23 November. In the first session, students learned basic Waltz steps and dance terminology. They started with sharing their interests and experiences in dancing, then they were introduced to some dance terminology and fundamental movements including postures, rise and fall, box steps and natural turn. Before they paired up with a partner, they practiced separately. This experience was new to most participants and they enjoyed it. At the end, almost all students have acquired the dancing techniques and learned the English terms. In the second session, students reviewed the basics from last session and they learned a new movement called zig-zag steps and an ending posture called contra check. They then created their own dance with the techniques they have learned.