Activity Photo Sharing: English Happy Hour “Story-telling Night” in MCMC on 3 Nov 2016

11 Nov 2016

Students were divided into two groups, standing in sequence and they were told a story. Students had to take notes of the details of the story and then repeat the story to a student in the other group.  The group that could retell the whole story won.  After this warm-up activity, students were challenged with another game which requires creativity. They were provided with some comics and a theme to create their stories. For example, the theme given was horror story, then each student had to share their horror story to others in English.  First, students were paired up and given the comic without any scripts. Then they discussed with their partners to come up with a dialogue or story based on the comic.  Students were very creative and imaginative, and they created funny and humorous stories and did a role-play.