Activity Photo Sharing: English Happy Hour “Taste Challenge” in MCMC on 10 Nov 2016

21 Nov 2016

Students were blind-folded in this game to find out if they are supertaster or not. They were first introduced to names of different pastes such as tomato sauce, soy sauce and peanut butter. Then they were divided into three groups and three students from each group had their eyes covered, tasted five flavours provided by their groupmates and identified them. The second round was Truth or Lie. Each group was given two cups of drinks. For example, one was water and the other one was vinegar. The other team guessed what they were drinking based on their facial expression. Since the team who guessed it wrong had to drink what was in that cup, the players would act and trick the other team. The last round was “King of Food”, in which each group finished the set of food provided to them within five minutes and then stated the name of the food. The fastest was the winner.

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