Activity Photo Sharing: English In Action “Movie Night” on 2 March in MCMC

14 Mar 2017

First of all, ELTAs played a warm-up game with students together for 10 minutes, which created a relaxing English-speaking environment. In this game, students were divided into two teams and had a ping pong competition. At the same time they needed to say one English word that is related to the theme movie.

Next, we watched a 20-minute film called Curfew, which won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2012. Afterwards, participants formed groups of 4/5 to share their reflection on the short film. We also talked about some words from the film that students were not familiar with, like “restraining order”, and some scenes and lines that they felt confused about when watching. At the end, some students willingly shared their opinions about the film with all of us.

Overall the activity carried out successfully. Participants were actively involved and they got to think and practice speaking English in a relaxing environment.