Activity Photo Sharing: English In Action “Red Pocket Art Workshop” on 16 February in MCMC

22 Feb 2017

ELTAs introduced two kinds of red pocket art pieces to students, which were Lantern and Goldfish, and students chose to learn the cute goldfish first. Each students used six red pockets and followed the instruction from ELTAs step by step. At the same time, ELTAs also taught some basic vocabulary related to handcraft, such as crease, fold, tip, and bisect etc. Finally students finished their art pieces and decorated them with creativity.

During the workshop, participants were involved and they enjoyed the activity, and the whole environment was casual and stress-free. Participants were encouraged to express themselves in English, and communicated with other participants in English. Students were pleased with the activity and looked forward to joining the future activities.

Overall, the activity was well-performed and successful. Students were cooperative and they actively involved themselves in the workshop.