Activity Photo Sharing: English In Action “Wild Guess” on 16 March in MCMC

17 Mar 2017

Before the activity started, ELTAs welcomed and chatted with the participants. Students introduced themselves and we shared with them the coming events in ELC. Then we played an English logic game with the participants. During the process, students were integrated into speaking English without the fear of making mistakes, or feeling uncomfortable. We didn’t reveal the answer until we finished the Wild Guess activity. Students were curious and intrigued to find out the answer.

For the main activity, two sets of cards were prepared. One set was noun phrases, another verb phrases. First, every presenter took turns to come up to the front and described the noun phrase that shown to them, without revealing the word or body language. The rest of the participants tried to guess the phrases. In the second round, students described the verb phrases together with a partner. This time, they were allowed to use body language to create scenarios to present the phrases. In the third round, students formed two teams to compete by describing phrases with body language, and passed it on one by one. The last person needed to guess what the phrase was.

During the activity, students were engaged in expressing themselves in English. When one couldn’t find the proper word to describe, the rest helped enthusiastically by interpreting their thoughts. The room was full of laughter as usual. Students were surprised that they could describe one phrase in so many different ways. Overall, the activity successfully achieved its goal by integrating English speaking with action and fun among students.