Activity Photo Sharing: English Party Time “Big Screen” on 13 February in HFPJC

15 Feb 2017

English Party Time is a series of relaxed and fun activities held by the English Language Centre in HFPJC every Monday evening from 19:30 to 20:10. In English Party Time, ELC aims to provide students a friendly and cozy environment where they can use, practice and play with English as much as possible.

The first activity in the 2017 Spring Series, “Big Screen”, was held on 13 February. In the warming up part, students introduced themselves and played a game called “Human Knot” to get familiar with each other. After that, ELTAs Fish and Cindy led the students to play the game “Big Screen”. Each student was given a small piece of paper with a word or a phrase written on it. Then the student needed to use verbal and body language to explain the word or phrase to other students. When a student successfully guessed what’s written, the next student would take turns to do another one. During the game, students practiced their oral English and enjoyed themselves very much.