Activity Photo Sharing: English Party Time “Story Creation” on 12 October in HFPJC

12 Oct 2016

English Party Time is a series of relaxed and fun activities held by the English Language Centre in HFPJC every Wednesday evening from 19:30 to 20:10. In English Party Time, ELC aims to provide students a friendly and cozy environment where they can use, practice and play English as much as possible.

The third activity in the series, “Story Creation”, was held on 12 October. To begin with, ELTAs Fish and Ainsley showed the students some four frame comics and asked them to fill out the missing dialogues in the pictures. Then the students were guided to talk about some special dreams they have had lately and brainstorm about their story ideas. After this, students were encouraged to complete a story outline worksheet and share their own stories at the end of the party time. Followings are some selected photos of the activity.