Activity Photo Sharing: English Party Time “Werewolf” on 20 February in HFPJC

22 Feb 2017

English Party Time is a series of relaxed and fun activities held by the English Language Centre in HFPJC every Monday evening from 19:30 to 20:10. In English Party Time, ELC aims to provide students a friendly and cozy environment where they can use, practice and play with English as much as possible.

The second activity in the 2017 Spring Series, “Werewolf”, was held on 20 February. Firstly, students introduced themselves and got familiar with each other. ELTAs Fish and Ainsley explained the rules and the character of the game. Each student was assigned a role. Students needed to keep talking to each other and tried to identify the good people and the werewolves, and then try to defeat the werewolf team by collaborating with their teammates. Usually the game is played in Chinese, but this time students challenged themselves and played it in English. With guidance and help from the ELTAs, students learned how to clarify ideas, confuse and persuade others in English during the process. After getting accustomed to the language, students enjoyed the game and had much laughter.