Activity Photo Sharing: English Party Time “Who’s the Spy” on 9 November in HFPJC

17 Nov 2016

English Party Time is a series of relaxed and fun activities held by the English Language Centre in HFPJC every Wednesday evening from 19:30 to 20:10. In English Party Time, ELC aims to provide students a friendly and cozy environment where they can use, practice and play English as much as possible.

The fourth activity in the series, “Who’s the Spy”, was held on 9 November. In the warming up part, students played a game called “Ping Pong Fun” during which they need to say some English words under a designated topic and at the same time play ping pong. After that, ELTAs Fish and Ainsley led the students to play the game “Who’s the Spy”. Each student was given a small piece of paper with some words written on it. Among all the written words, only one student’s was different from the others’. Students took turns to say something about their words. After they finished talking, they need to vote to “kill” one player who they thought to be the spy. This process repeated until the real spy was found out. During the game, students enjoyed themselves interacting with each other and had much fun.