Languages and Skills Test (English Language) for PRA and Direct Admission Students on 14 August 2017

2 Aug 2017


茲通知 2017/2018「語言與技能」測試中的英語語言能力測試 安排如下:


♦ 日期:二零一七年八月十四日(星期一)

♦ 時間:上午九時三十分至十一時三十分

♦ 地點:澳門大學橫琴校區 中央教學樓 E3棟中銀百年紀念大樓 三層 E3-3032 – 3033室,詳情請查閱座位表





  • 請仔細查閱 座位表 以確認試場位置並於測試當天提前 20 分鐘到場報到。
  •  考試開始 30 分鐘後 才到達者,均不准應考。
  • 所有考生必須攜同下列物品,前來參加測試

– 新生入學通知書

– 有效之身份證明文件正本(身份證/護照)

– HB鉛筆、膠擦、塗改液及原子筆

  • 學生通過測試,可按照成績,獲豁免修讀「大學英語語言課程」部分或全部三科 (共九個學分),但必須修讀額外的自由選修科目以補足已獲豁免之學分。






Dear PRA and Direct Admission Students,

Please refer to the following information regarding the arrangement of Languages and Skills Test (English Language) 2017/2018 for the students admitted through “Principals’ Recommended Admission” and “Direct Admission”.


♦ Date:  14th August 2017 (Monday)

♦ Time:  09:30-11:30

Venue: E3-3032 – 3033, 3/F Central Teaching Building – BOC Centennial Building, University of Macau, please check the SEAT PLAN for details.

Campus Map


Important information:

  • Please check the seat plan to confirm your exam venue. You are advised to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled time of test.
  • You will not be allowed to enter the exam venue if you arrive 30 minutes later than the scheduled time of examination.
  • You MUST bring the following items on the assessment day.

– Offer of Admission

– Valid personal identification document (ID card / passport)

– HB pencils, erasers, correction fluid & pens.

  • According to the test results, a student may be test out of some or all of the 3 English language courses (9 credits in total), but will be required to make up the credits by taking additional Free Elective(s).

Thank you for your attention.


English Language Centre

Faculty of Arts and Humanities