Activity Photo Sharing: English Happy Hour “Game Night – Werewolf” in MCMC on 20 Oct 2016

15 Nov 2016

Werewolf is a popular card game among teenagers, but this time we played the game in English. There are different roles in this game, like MC, wolf, doctor, etc. The MC leads the game and when it comes to the discussion about who may be the werewolf, each role has to use English to explain or defend themselves in order to catch the “wolves”.

Eleven students participated in this game, including one exchange student. In the first round, ELTA Cindy led the group as the MC and the rest sat in a circle.  The participants were well-involved as they know the game very well. For the second round, one student volunteered to be the MC and two Teaching Assistants joined the game. The game became more exciting, challenging and full of laughter. Students were cooperative and enthusiastic. They had fun and cooperatively caught the wolves.  They enjoyed the game night very much.