Activity Photo Sharing: English Party Time “Board Games” on 27 February in HFPJC

1 Mar 2017

English Party Time is a series of relaxed and fun activities held by the English Language Centre in HFPJC every Monday evening from 19:30 to 20:10. In English Party Time, ELC aims to provide students a friendly and cozy environment where they can use, practice and play with English as much as possible.

“Board Games”, the third activity in this semester’s English Party Time, was held on 27 February. There were 13 students who joined this activity and they all enjoyed themselves playing English board games. To start with, students first introduced themselves to each other. After this, students formed into three groups and played three different board games separately, including Scrabble, ASAP and Tumbling tower. During the games, students practiced their English by creating vocabulary, asking and answering questions. All of the participants had much fun during the activity and there was a lot of laughter.