FAH-ELC: Photo Sharing — Effective etiquette and engagement in an academic talk on November 15, 2017

21 Nov 2017

The theme of ELC’s extra-curricular activity series in 2017 Fall is “British Culture”. Following the first monthly activity “Life in Britain” and the second interactive extra-curricular activity “English Afternoon Tea”, the workshop “Effective Etiquette and Engagement in an Academic Talk” was held on November 15, 2017 as a preparation to our  fourth semesterly event  “Guest Talk: Hong Kong and British Culture, 1945-1997”. This workshop conducted by ELC Senior Instructor Ms. Miranda Ma attracted many students who wanted to know about the manner and expectations of an effective audience member.

As a warm-up, Ms. Ma, quizzed students on their knowledge about audience etiquette. Then she showed students a talk on the topic of emotional hygiene in an academic setting. During the workshop, students had ample opportunities to interact with each other and share some useful feedback with each other under the relaxing environment. Overall, the students enjoyed the workshop and learned different effective skills in engaging in an academic talk.