FAH-ELC holds 2018 Fall English Festival

12 Nov 2018

The English Language Centre (ELC) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanity (FAH), University of Macau (UM), on November 5th and 6th, held the ‘2018 Fall English Festival,’ which was actively joined by many UM students. Participants said that the festival provided a platform for them to improve their English language abilities and skills and boost their confidence in speaking English.

The content of the 2018 Fall English Festival ranged from contests, workshops to game-based activities, including 2018 English Drama Contest, Speaking with Confidence Workshop, Water Painting Workshop, International Potluck Night, Best Board Games and Chatroom. English was the only media throughout all the activities.

More specifically, they were offered opportunities to improve their English abilities and skills by acting out classical plays, giving persuasive presentations, learning artistic water painting, playing interesting board games, chatting about unforgettable travelling experiences, and eating and talking about delicious cuisines from different countries.

As for the 2018 English Drama Contest, the two MCs and many participants were year one students from ELC Talk Time Tutorial Programs. As for their performances, Vince Li, an instructor and one of the judges of the contest, said, ‘MCs and Participants are well prepared. Your performances are amazing and beyond my expectations.’

The ELC will continually organize this event in the future to help students improve their English abilities and skills and boost their confidence in speaking English.

Please check out the ELC’s webpage (http://elc.umac.mo) for more information and photos. Thank you very much for your participation in ELC activities and for your support for our University’s English Language Centre.

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