FAH-ELC: Photo Sharing-DIY Chinese Knots Workshop on JAN 25

28 Jan 2019

Dear students,

There was a ‘DIY Chinese Knots Workshop’ held by ELC on last Friday, January 25th. Over twenty students participated in the workshop. They learned about the basic knowledge of Chinese knots, one of Chinese traditional cultures, and had opportunities to have hands-on experiences of making their own Chinese knots. In addition, participants were offered chances to speak English, since the workshop was conducted in English, and they were encouraged to communicate with each other in English. Students had a great time together in making their own Chinese Knots!

Please check out the ELC’s webpage (http://elc.umac.mo) for more information and photos. Thank you very much for your participation in ELC activities and for your support for our University’s English Language Centre.

English Language Centre (ELC)

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)

University of Macau (UM)