FAH-ELC: Photo Sharing — English Afternoon Tea on October 25, 2017

6 Nov 2017

The theme of ELC’s extra-curricular activity series in 2017 Fall is “British Culture.” Following the first monthly activity “Life in Britain”, the second interactive extra-curricular activity, “English Afternoon Tea”, was held on October 25, 2017.  The activity attracted a full house of students who wanted to learn about British afternoon tea culture and together we all enjoyed an elegant, informative, and flavorful experience.

Two ELC senior instructors, Ms. Teresa Lam and Ms. Joan Leong, first showed a video about how to make a kind of traditional British treat called scones and students had to take notes while watching the video. Then the instructors introduced all the ingredients and utensils and demonstrated to students how to make scones step by step. During the workshop, students not only had the chance to interact with each other using proper English words related to scone making, such as “sieve the flour,” “grate the cheese” and “roll out the dough,” but they also learned to listen and follow detailed instructions given by the instructors. While waiting for the baking scones, instructors played a game with the students, inviting them to taste and distinguish three kinds of British tea. After the scones were well baked, we all enjoyed the English Afternoon Tea together. Overall, the room was full of laughter and all the students enjoyed tasting the scones and British tea.