FAH-ELC: Photo Sharing — Pancake Day on November 24, 2017

28 Nov 2017

The theme of ELC’s extra-curricular activity series in 2017 Fall is “British Culture.” The last interactive activity of this series, Pancake Day, was held in the open area in front of Food Paradise on November 24. The activity attracted a lot of participants and successfully promoted the English learning atmosphere as well as the British culture around UM campus.

After ELTAs from ELC set up the pancake booth, lots of students dropped by and joined the pancake making as well as the English Q&A game. In order to have a taste of the pancakes made by ELTAs and try out the experience of making a pancake on one’s own, students need to play the Q&A game. First, ELTAs Fish and Cindy handed out the prepared leaflets, which introduced to students the ingredients, representative meanings and brief history of Pancake Day, and then asked students questions related to the leaflet information. After students passed the Q&A challenge, another ELTA Victor would teach students necessary procedures to make a pancake on their own. During the whole event, students not only learned a lot of new English vocabulary and phrases related to pancake ingredients, pancake making and pancake culture, but they also got the chance to enjoy tasty food and interact with other participants. The ELC hopes that UM students can cultivate a curiosity and passion in learning English and western culture through engaging in such interesting extra-curricular activities.

Thank you all for your participation! See you next semester!