FAH-ELC: Photo Sharing – Opening Ceremony for Summer English Immersion Programme 2018

9 Jul 2018

The University of Macau welcomed 300 in-coming first-year students to kick off the 2018 Summer English Immersion Programme (SEIP). The July 1st Opening Ceremony was attended by all the students, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH), Director of the English Language Centre (ELC), coordinators, ELC instructors, and 43 programme assistants from all over the world. In her opening speech, FAH Dean, Professor Hong Gang Jin, guided students to learn the importance of not only improving their English in the programme, but also to discover new strategies for learning and critical thinking, build confidence, and of course, make new friends along the way. The director of ELC, Professor Katherine Chen, explained the how and why of learning English to inspire students to be multilingual and multicultural world citizens of the future. The programme assistants then led everyone to sing a song “you’ve got a friend in me, down at SEIP” that speaks the spirits of the programme.During the next four weeks, students will participate in an intensive project-oriented learning programme and immerse in a friendly and fun English language environment from morning until night. They will also take part in multiple clubs organized by the Programme Assistants and will have their final performance in the closing ceremony to demonstrate their improvement in English as well as personal development in the programme.


澳門大學2018暑期英語浸入式夏令營近日迎來300位準新生。蒞臨7月1日開幕式的包括所有準新生,人文學院院長,英語中心主任、任職教師,項目總監及來自世界各地的43位項目助理。在開幕演講中,人文學院院長靳洪剛教授一步步引導學生思考,使他們不僅認識到提高英語水平的重要性,探索新的學習方法、培養批判性思維、廣交朋友同樣至關重要。英語中心主任陳海瑛教授隨後講解了為何以及如何學習英語以激勵學生成為會多門語言、享多元文化的世界公民。項目助理們最後帶領大家唱了一首“我是你好朋友,學英語你別愁”。一曲道出項目精髓。 在接下來的四周,這一批準新生將會加入的是一個以課題為導向的強化式英語學習夏令營,全天候沉浸在一個既友好又有趣的英語語言環境中。不僅如此,他們還會參加一系列由項目助理舉辦的興趣班並在閉幕式上表演以展示他們在英語及個人發展方面的成長。