FAH-ELC Professional Development Workshop: “From Pen-pal to E-pal: Cross-Pacific Exchange in English Writing” by Dr. Yingliang Liu, Wuhan University of Technology, China


7 Dec 2015





Writing is the most important and challenging productive skill for L2 learners to develop in order to succeed in college. Collaborative writing can help students generate ideas, give and receive feedback, and promote language output. Cross-National Exchange is a program that facilitates online collaboration through writing activities between students in a Chinese university and an American university. Students are assigned an e-pal from the other university, and they interview each other via email to collect information for their essays. Students also provide feedback on each other’ drafts via an online platform. Through the exchange, the students not only enhance their sense of contemporary English styles in different linguistic circumstances, but also improve understanding between the two cultures. The workshop will demonstrate different writing tasks based on the exchange, as well as other writing activities to promote language output.


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