FAH-ELC: Research Seminar – Investigating the effects of Medium of Instruction from both macro- and micro- perspectives on Dec 02, 2015


2 Dec 2015





The global spread of English has arisen from a host of historical, political and socioeconomic factors. Many European and Southeast Asian societies, with their respective socioeconomic contexts, are often infused with a desire for development, modernity, and human resource capital for successful participation in the new economic order worldwide. English is very often considered to be the indispensable medium for bringing in development. Hence, in many non-English speaking countries, English has been promoted to be the medium of instruction in higher and even secondary education. It is believed that through learning other subjects in English, students can learn English more effectively. Nonetheless, in those non-English speaking countries, the cultural capital of English proficiency is often not evenly distributed across the society and it is common to see students with limited English proficiency struggle when learning English and academic content simultaneously. This calls for research examining the effect of English-medium education on teaching and learning.



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