FAH-ELC:Professional Development Workshop – Practical Strategies for Promoting Active Learning in the EFL Classroom


9 Nov 2015





The idea of active learning has been widely embraced across the educational gamut and, with the inception of the communicative language teaching (CLT) movement, has had particular significance within the English language teaching (ELT) realm since. Active learning can be defined variously as a situation in which students are obliged to think critically in order accomplish tasks, take responsibility for their own learning, engage personally in their work, and maintain accountability for their participation in class. Despite embracing the idea of active learning, however, many teachers find that they still encounter unengaged, passive students in their classrooms, and it is not uncommon for teachers to feel somewhat powerless in this situation. To remedy this problem, teachers must reflect critically on their teaching, update their knowledge of state-of-the-art strategies and tactics for promoting active learning in ELT, and attempt to incorporate new strategies into their own teaching practice. This workshop will address each of these steps in turn. First, teachers will exchange ideas with one another about strategies they have used to increase student engagement, promote active learning, and reduce teacher talk. Second, a series of practical strategies for promoting active learning will be introduced. Lastly, teachers will analyze a set of scenarios and apply the strategies discussed in the workshop in order to propose viable solutions to the problems presented. Attendees will take away a handout that features a set of concrete strategies for promoting active learning in their classrooms, as well as a list of resources for further information about the topic.

Biographical information:

Kerry Pusey is currently an English Language Instructor at Nagasaki University. Before teaching in Japan, Kerry taught English as a second/foreign language in the United States, Brazil, Macau, and Colombia. He has contributed articles to various English language teaching (ELT) journals and has presented at several international ELT conferences around the world. His research interests include language assessment, curriculum development, and experimental teaching methodologies.


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