“Keep Learning amid Class Suspension” – ELC distance learning arrangements

4 Feb 2020

Dear UM Students,

We hope you are all safe and well.

ELC is committed to supporting our students to “Keep Learning amid Class Suspension” and is implementing distance learning and academic guidance for ELC classes from Tuesday, February 11th onward.

Current ELC students – Online classes start on February 11th

Current ELC students please follow the same course schedule this semester for online classes and consultations from Tuesday, February 11th onward. Weekly Talk Time tutorials will be conducted online from Monday, February 17th onward. We will send you further instruction via email and UM Moodle on how to access your respective virtual classroom and consultation platform. We look forward to seeing you virtually in just a few days

First-year students – “English for Universities” e-learning platform

First-year students who have taken ELC courses are eligible to access the “English for Universities” e-learning platform via https://um.i-learner.com.hk/. We will continue to email you tips and advice for improving English using this platform.

By popular demands, ELC is conducting e-learning English Contest 2. Students who completed the greatest number of e-lessons under ELC section with the highest marks between February 3rd and April 20th will win up to 1000mop prizes and book coupons. English Contest 1 (December 20th to February 2nd) contestants, stay tuned, we are now counting the contest results and will notify the winners soon.

All UM students – MOOC, Moodle and ELC English learning workshops

There are many resources you can use to continue learning English (and other subjects), we recommend the following:

  1. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

https://next.xuetangx.com 學堂在線



These are free and quality university-level courses. Search for “English” or “Academic English” on the sites to browse courses. We particularly recommend this 學堂在線 course created by UM teachers: 创意 Creativity(2020春), this course includes Creative Writing where you can let your imagination and English writing run free!

  1. UM Moodle site: English Language Centre – Independent Learning Site

All UM students have access to this ELC Moodle site, with recommendations to free online English learning resources worldwide. The site is currently under updates and will be available on February 11th. Click “My courses” on UM Moodle to locate it.

  1. ELC English learning workshops

ELC regularly conducts English learning workshops https://fah.um.edu.mo/elc/news/, we are working on converting some for online mode and will post new workshop announcements as soon as available.


English Language Centre

February 4th, 2020









曾修讀英語中心課程的大一學生,就能登入線上平台「大學英語」 https://um.i-learner.com.hk/。本中心會繼續發郵件,指導學生如何利用這平台改善你的英語。




  1. 大規模開放線上課堂(慕課)

https://next.xuetangx.com (學堂在線)



以上都是免費且優質的大學水平課程。同學以「英語」或「學術英語」等關鍵詞搜尋,即可在這些平台上瀏覽相關課程。本中心特別推薦由澳大老師開設的「學堂在線」課:創意Creativity(2020春)— 這課程包括創意寫作,讓你的想像和英語寫作翱翔天際﹗

  1. 澳大的Moodle平台:英語中心自學平台


  1. 英語中心的英語學習工作坊




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