Online English Proficiency Test 網上英文科能力測試

19 Jul 2019


(Applicable to the Students admitted through Mainland China or Direct Admission in Academic Year of 2019/2020 Except Students of Faculty of Law)
(適用於 2019/2020 學年 經「 內地學生或直接入學之途徑 」錄取 之新生 法學院學生除外)


Dear students,

You will be taking the Online English Proficiency Test, which is designed to place you in the correct English course.   This test is NOT graded.  Please take it yourself.  Do NOT use translation programs, search the Internet or consult with any materials or other people.  We are interested in learning about your English ability.  If you do cheat, this may mean you will be placed in the wrong level which will make it difficult for you.  There are serious consequences at the University of Macau for students found guilty of academic dishonesty (cheating) and doing this would not be a good start to your new University life.

Before you start the test, please make sure that you have already downloaded and installed the SAFE EXAM BROWSER which was sent to you on a separate email. Do not close the web browser until you are finished with the entire test. 

This test is composed of 2 parts: reading comprehension and written test. The test is open from 14:30 to 16:30 on 30 July, and within this time limit, you have 90 minutes to complete the entire test. Please make sure you are using your time wisely, as you are given only ONE attempt to submit the test.

Good luck!




在測試開始前,請確定你已經按照了由註冊處發給你的電子郵件上的指示,下載並安裝了指定的軟件SAFE EXAM BROWSER。並請緊記在按照指示完成測試之前,請勿關閉瀏覽器。




Please read the following information carefully

Online English Proficiency Test

網上 英文科能力測試