Photo Sharing — English Party Time “Wolf Men” on 5 October 2016

7 Oct 2016

Wolf Men, the second RC activity for HFPJC in this semester provided by the English Language Centre, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, was held on Wednesday evening, 5 October 2016.  There were 8 students who joined this activity and they all practiced their English skills. Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is a popular card game among young people and most of students have played the game with their friends in Chinese. However, in this activity, students played in English throughout the whole game. It started by ELTAs explaining the rules and characters of the game so that students could get familiarized with the English expressions they might need to use during the game. There are different roles in the game, one of which is the MC, played by an ELTA to lead the game in English. When it came to the discussion parts, each role used English to defend, accuse, think and debate logically in order to win the game. Therefore, students practiced not only their listening and speaking skills, but also communication and reasoning skills, and the whole process was done in English and enjoyed by the students.

Below are some selected photos of the event: