Photo Sharing: Professional Development Workshop – “ Assessment” on 4 May 2016 by Dr. Antony John Kunnan

5 May 2016

In this workshop, Dr. Kunnan from the English Department at the University of Macau raised important issues to consider in the area of language assessment.  This included the purpose of the assessment and how to define the “construct” for the particular context and situation.  He illustrated assessment from the macro policy level, but also at the micro level in classroom assignments.  There is also a need to balance efficiency, as well as having enough data to have a better picture of the learner.  He also answered questions from the ELC by providing practical tools that could be used and also acted as an important resource about cutting-edge research on assessment.  Finally, he showed innovations in assessment that include new technologies that have interesting potential, but also raises other ethical issues and problems.

The English Language Centre is grateful for the support of the English Department and hopes to see further cooperation.