Photo Sharing: Student Activities Review – January, 2016

25 Feb 2016

English Language Centre offered a series of activities and workshops in January, 2016 to promote English language use on the campus. There were different types of workshops where participants could enjoy themselves and practise English language. In Spring Poetry Writing workshop and Short Story Writing workshop participants learned key elements about literature writing and later they composed and shared their works with each other. In our Reading Circle, participants learn the key elements by reading the short story “Mammon and the archer” written by O. Henry. In Can you read IPA (English pinyin) series and Videos Adventure series, participants enjoyed a great opportunity to improve their English pronunciation by learning the fundamental language elements and transcripts of English and then reinforced their learning through different activities. Moreover, there were two speaking workshops, Socialising – Breaking the Ice workshop and Build up Your Confidence workshop. Students learnt some socialising skills and practised them with their peers in order to gain more confidence. Apart from the above workshops, students also participated in our Handmade flower DIY workshop where they practised English language in a relaxing setting.

Please see below some selected pictures from the activities mentioned above.

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Students are discussing on the topic of the video they are about to watch.


Students are doing “Matching” to pair up sentences they can use in various socializing context.


Students are working in groups to write a poem about “Spring” and “Harvest”.


These are the products made by the students in the “Handmade Flowers Workshop”.