Summer English Programme 2020 | 2020暑期英語課程

26 Jun 2020


  1. 出席率達80% (即缺席不超過8節課), 以及
  2. 課程成績達50%









1) 上課日期

  • 30/06/2020(暑期英語課程線上講解會,必須在線出席)
  • 01/07/2020 – 21/07/2020線上課程,逢星期一至星期五,共3星期)



上課時間表 => Class Schedule





















2) 請假及出席率守則

  • 同學在整個課程期間,在 “網課” 及 “監督學習課”兩部分缺席超過8次, 不論是否合理請假, 在暑期英語課程的成績就會直接評為不合格
  • 請假的部分,同學必須使用電子郵件向你所屬的課程助理(PA)繳交請假申請,用郵件申請時須附上相關的證明文件,申請必須是事前,或是缺勤日後兩天內
  • 無故缺席,將會影響你的課程評分。 請假前通知老師,是最基本的禮貌,也是一個有責任感學生的本分。
  • 若同學缺席“網課”或“監督學習課”三次,將會收到第一次提醒通知
  • 若同學缺席“網課”或“監督學習課”七次,將會收到第二次提醒通知
  • 若同學缺席“網課”或“監督學習課”超過八次,將會收到不合格通知,即課程成績評核為不合格


  • 遲到5至15分鐘,即視為一次遲到
  • 同學不開視像會議攝錄鏡頭或斷網5至15分鐘,亦隨即視為一次遲到
  • 三次遲到即視為一次缺席
  • 遲到超過15分鐘,隨即視為一次缺席
  • 同學不開視像會議攝錄鏡頭,或斷網超過15分鐘,亦隨即視為一次缺席


3) 線上課程所需設備的要求


  • 教科書(由人文學院英語中心提供,取書方法將於六月下旬以電郵通知)
  • 一台運作良好、配備鍵盤及鼠標的個人電腦或筆記本電腦(不可使用智能手機或平板電腦)
  • 個人電腦或筆記本電腦需連接一個功能良好、能顯示清晰影像的攝錄鏡頭,以便老師在上課時能清晰地識別各位同學;
  • 同時,個人電腦或筆記本電腦亦需連接一個功能良好的耳機,該耳機需配備麥克風,能夠在上課時清晰地聽到聲音並收錄語音;
  • 穩定高速的互聯網連線,並需有足夠的數據用量,以便下載和上傳具相當質量的音頻或視頻,而不會在線上課程中經常斷線;
  • 一張書桌 (桌子),可同時使用個人電腦或筆記本電腦、教科書、文具及抄寫筆記等。
  • 個人學習空間:
  • 為了能專注學習,避免分心,同學需在一個不受干擾、不嘈雜個人空間或環境下進行線上課程;
  • 一個個人學習空間或環境,能讓同學保留隱私,有利於同學在線上課程中,能自信地說、聽、讀和寫英語。

*同學必須準備好線上課程所需設備, 如同學因互聯網連線或攝錄鏡頭問題,而無法按時上課,將會被視為遲到或缺席。


Students must fulfilled both requirements below to be considered passing the Summer English Programme

1) Attended 80% of programme sessions (i.e. no more than 8 sessions of absences), and

2) Achieved 50% or above in programme assessment


SEP Assessment








1) Class Period

  • 30/06/2020, 15:00-16:00 (Online Orientation, must attend)
  • 01/07/2020 – 21/07/2020 (Online Class, Monday-Friday, 3 weeks)

*Our Programme Assistants (PAs) will contact you for further information related to online Orientation and classes (Zoom Link) soon.


Please click here => Class Schedule


Session 1 to 10 Daily Timetable








Session 11 to Session 20 Daily Timetable








e-class runs Monday to Friday from July 1st to July 21st.
Supervised study time runs from July 2nd to July 20th


2) Leave and Attendance Policies

  • Students are only allowed to miss a maximum of 8 sessions either on the “e-class” or “Supervised Study Time”. If the students miss more than 8 sessions in total (e-class + supervised project time), the students will fail the SEP2020.
  • For applying the leave, you are required to submit the leave application with supporting document to your designated PAs (Programme Assistant) via email prior to your absence, or within two days of your return to class
  • Absent without application of leave will negatively affect your teacher’s evaluation of your performance. It is an etiquette to let your teacher know in advance if you plan to take leave
  • Acceptable reasons with supporting documents:
    • Sick Leave
    • Graduation Rehearsal
    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Graduation Exam
    • Medical Checkup appointment for UM admission
    • Driving Test
    • Other (To be considered on a case-by-case basis (such as Representative for Macau SAR to take part in related competitions or confirmed condolence leave, etc.)
  • The 1st reminder will be issued to you if missing 3 sessions either on “e-class” or “Supervised Study Time”
  • The 2nd reminder will be issued to you if missing 7 sessions either on “e-class” or “Supervised Study Time”
  • The course failure notice will be issued to you if missing more than 8 sessions either on “e-class” or “Supervised Study Time”. You will fail the SEP2020.



    • 5 to 15 minutes late is counted as one late
    • Disabling the webcam or losing internet connection for 5 to 15 minutes is counted as one late as well
    • 3 lates will be considered as one absence
    • Late over 15 minutes is counted as one absence
    • Disabling the webcam or losing internet connection for over 15 minutes is counted as one absence


3) Student Requirements for online SEP2020

In order to study on the programme, students should have the following prepared prior to the start date:

  • The physical textbook (provided by the university)
  • A well-functioning personal computer or laptop (complete with keyboard for typing) – a smartphone or tablet computer is not adequate
  • A well-functioning webcam with adequate pixels to be able to identify facial features clearly during class
  • A well-functioning headset (headphones + microphone) to be able to clearly hear audio and record voice during class
  • A high speed and reliable internet connection with adequate data to download and upload video quality media without interruption during live online classes
  • A personal study space that:
  • is free from distractions and noise;
  • provides privacy in order for students to confidently speak, listen, read and write in English;
  • includes adequate desk space to utilize the PC/laptop, textbook and other physical paper and folders concurrently.

*Students must prepare the required equipment for the online course in advance. If you are unable to attend the class due to internet connection or webcam problems, you will be considered as late or absent.