“Innovations and challenges of Interdisciplinary integration: with special reference to our curriculum of International Medical Interpreting” – by Prof. Yang Chengshu


24 Sep 2015






Most international medical services today are based on individual medical institutions. The institutions carry out their interpreter training by themselves, e.g., the Bangkok Hospital, a renowned international medical institution. The present lecture examines how a university translation program integrates practicum at medical institutions in terms of activities design, execution and assessment and so on, with the aim of effectively linking classroom teaching with practical operations in order to attain the objectives of training personnel in accordance with cross-national medical actions and operational objectives. In addition, we will propose to use the online management and service mechanism on an Internet-based platform to achieve integrated marketing by matching between medical, language and cash flow and other services and to jointly build innovative industries with greater competitiveness and added values based on the results of back-end data analysis.



Cheng-shu Yang received her MA in Literature from the School of Arts and Letters at Tohoku University in Japan and her PhD in Linguistics from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Currently she is the director of the Graduate Institute of Cross Cultural Studies at Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. She has served as a Chinese-Japanese conference interpreter at about 1000 conferences starting from 1988. She is currently promoting the International Medical Translation Program of Fu-Jen Catholic University, which is slated to start in September 2014. She was the director of the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Studies at Fu-Jen Catholic University from 1994 to 2000 and from 2006 to 2010.


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