FAH-DENG German Movie Series – ‘Freistatt’ (2015)


12 Oct 2016




Summer 1968: Wolfgang doesn’t get along with his stepfather. As the arguments escalate, the 14-year-old boy is sent to a welfare institution. The Christian establishment turns out to be a place of brutal oppression, lack of freedom and exploitation. The boys are being used for forced labour, toil at the peat-ditch and are submitted to beatings by their “care worker”. They are so hopelessly isolated that the victims themselves are prone to use violence. The director of the institution, who hypocritically calls himself “house father“, prevents the occupants from communicating the truth to the outside world. He intercepts their letters and treats the boys, whom he is supposed to be educating, as prisoners. Those attempting to escape are punished almost sadistically, yet Wolfgang seeks salvation in freedom.


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German with English and Chinese subtitles


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