FAH-DENG German Movies Series – ‘Herta Müller – The Alphabet of Fear(2015)’


28 Sep 2016




After World War II, the German-speaking minority in newly-communist Romania suffered a particularly cruel fate. Herta Müller (*1953) is a so-called “Romanian-German”. Her father was in the SS and her mother disappeared for five years after being sent to a Soviet labour camp. Her youth was made up of fear, repression and silence. Although Herta Müller retired from public life after receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature, John Albert Jansen managed to receive permission to film at her home in Berlin. In the resulting documentary “Herta Müller – The Alphabet of Fear” she talks about her youth and the repressive Ceaușescu regime, supplemented by images of her birthplace, a small village in Romania, and statements by the last surviving villagers.


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German with English subtitles


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