FAH-DENG German Movies Series – “Über-Ich und Du(2014)”


14 Sep 2016




Small-time crook Nich Gutlicht makes a living from selling stolen books. It’s not particularly lucrative. He has debts and has to go underground for a while. He ends up in the mansion of the well-known old philosopher and psychologist Curt Ledig, who refuses to give in and move in with his daughter. Nick is hired by the family as a minder. Curt wants to work on a lecture that no one thinks he can write. The partnership of convenience between these two individualists quickly develops its own set of dynamics. Curt sees in Nick a worthwhile object of study and subjects him to an absurd therapy. Nick suspects Curt’s library will provide him with the opportunity to pay off his debts. The strange duo gets closer and survives a number of absurd adventures and self-induced hazards.


All are welcome


German with English Subtitles


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