FAH-DENG Guest Lecture: “On the Road in China: Historical Shift of Textual Interpretation over the past 50 Years and Impact on Sociocultural Development in China” by Prof. Lü Shisheng, Nankai University, China


Prof. Lü Shisheng


24 Mar 2017


10:30 - 12:00





It is widely acknowledged that translation process is subject to ideological manipulation from time to time. The 1962 translation of “On the Road” which was interpreted as “literary trash” is indicative of the assertion. However, the textual interpretation was reversed in the 1998 re-translation which was claimed to be a “literary classic”. The simple relationship of ideological manipulation of translation cannot be used to account for the reversal because China’s ideology has not turned upside down in spite of significant change in the period. This shows that translation is not only manipulated by ideology, but also may deviate from or even anti-manipulate it under certain circumstance, thus presenting complexity of the links between them. The article attempts to discuss the historical shift of the textual interpretation of four Chinese versions of “On the Road” in Chinese context, its impact on sociocultural development in China in the period from 1960s to 2000s and intricate relationship between translation and ideology.



Prof. Lü Shisheng holds a BA in English literatures, and a MA in Translation Studies and Ph D in Economics from Nankai University. He has 12 years of experience as a technical and business interpreter and translator in the petroleum industry in Northeast of China. In 2000, he transferred to his University as a translation and interpreting teacher. His academic interests include Literary Translation, Culture Studies and Business English, etc. He is currently offering the courses of translation practice for undergraduate program, and Comparative Study of Chinese and English Languages, Translation Studies for post graduate program at Nankai University.

He is also an adjunct professor of 6 Chinese universities.


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