FAH-DENG Guest Lecture: “Quo vadis, functional translatology?” by Prof. Christiane Nord


Prof. Christiane Nord


6 Feb 2018






Functional approaches to translation and Skopostheorie, on which they are based, have been around for more than thirty years now. Perhaps, therefore, it is time to take stock, try to trace the development and spreading of functionalist ideas, and draw some cautious conclusions as to where the future may lie. As a representative of the “second generation” and drawing on recent publications in journals and monographs on Translation Studies, the author gives an overview of where young “functionalist” translation scholars of the third or even fourth generation find themselves, what they are investigating, and which topics they regard worthy of research.

Professor Christiane Nord trained as a translator for Spanish and English at Heidelberg University (B.A. Honours), obtained a PhD in Romance Studies and a post-doc qualification for a full professorship (“Habilitation”) in Applied Translation Studies and Translation Pedagogy. From 1967 to 2005 she was involved in translator training at the universities of Heidelberg, Vienna, Hildesheim, Innsbruck and Magdeburg. After her retirement, she has been invited for short-time teaching appointments, keynote speeches and talks by universities and translator training institutions in Europe, Middle East, America, Asia and Africa. She has about 200 publications about theoretical, methodological and pedagogical aspects of “functionalism” in translation. Since 2007, she is a research associate and professor extraordinary of the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa. For more details see www.christiane-nord.de


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