FAH-DENG Guest Lecture: “School-based professional development: the story of ELT in Bangladesh” by Prof. Rama Mathew, Delhi University, India


19 Oct 2016





Teachers learn most effectively from each other within their own school contexts. This is further aided when they have access to a host of new ideas, materials, demonstrations of classroom techniques and ways of collaborating with each other that they can try out in their own time and space. English in Action is a project in Bangladesh that has enabled thousands of teachers and millions of students to get a grasp of English teaching and learning. In this presentation I would like to share my experience of working on this project. I will highlight some of the important features of the project: use of mobile technology to enable access to teachers, use of mother tongue and English in all teacher training and teacher development activities, an opportunity to carry out small research studies in their own classrooms and more importantly how research on the project at various stages has informed work on the project.

I would like to recommend many aspects of the project that have worked in a developing country such as Bangladesh to wider contexts. We will have plenty of time for discussion.



Professor Rama Mathew holds a PhD from the MS University of Baroda and two MA degrees from MS University of Baroda and the University of York, UK. She is a Professor of Education in Delhi University. She was formerly Head and Dean of the Faculty of Education, Delhi University, and previously Professor of Evaluation at the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. She has published on topics such as classroom assessment, pedagogy and evaluation of language skills, action research, and teacher development. She is currently working on a (DFID, UK) funded project in Bangladesh that aims to improve the English language skills of 25 million adults and school children.


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