FAH-DENG Guest Lecture: “The lexicon of Philippine English: Some emerging patterns”


Prof. Shirley DITA


7 Dec 2018






While there has been a copious body of research on the grammatical features and sociolinguistics of Philippine English (PhilE) in the last 20 years or so (cf. Bautista, 2000, 2004; Borlongan, 2008, 2010, and so on), the lexicon of this new variety has not received the same attention as the other aspects. Some of the notable works on this area are those of Bautista (1995, 1998),  the Anvil-Macquarie Dictionary (2000), Bolton and Butler (2008), and the OED entries on PhilE. Using a 1.5M-word corpus of written texts (student essays and SNS texts), this presentation reports on the initial findings of the emerging patterns in the lexicon of PhilE. As is a global phenomenon, the linguistic creativity of the young is heavily influenced by pop culture and social media. Among the methods of expansion of lexicon evident in the corpus are compounding, blending, initialism, clipping, semantic widening, and total innovations.


Shirley N. Dita is Associate Professor of the Department of English and Applied Linguistics of De La Salle University, the Philippines and Director of the Lasallian Institute for Development and Educational Research (LIDER). Shirley considers World Englishes, Corpus Linguistics, and Austronesian Linguistics as her areas of interest.  She has given various presentations on these areas here and abroad. Shirley is the Immediate Past President of the Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP) and the Executive Secretary of  the Asian Association for Lexicography (AsiaLex)


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