FAH-DENG Roundtable Seminar: ‘Experimental Poetry Across Cultures’


20 - 21 Oct 2016


E21-G036, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (Black Box Theatre)


This round table provides an international forum for scholarly discussion of the development of experimental poetry – particularly concrete/visual poetry – across cultures and languages, particularly English, Portuguese and Chinese. The round-table will address issues such as:


  • The concept of the ideogram in experimental poetry
  • The translation of experimental poetry across cultures
  • The role of epistolary networks in the development of a transnational literary movement


The following sessions are open to interested staff and students, who are welcome to attend. At 4pm on Thursday there will be a reading by three of the poets attending to which all who are interested are cordially invited.

Thursday 20th October [FAH-E21 Black Box Theatre]

10.00-10.15John CorbettWelcome
10.15-11.15Chen LiPoetic Experiments  with Chinese Characters
11.30-12.30Peter McCareyExperimental Poetry: fact, parody, machine, voice, concrete, old China, blunt signs, rhyme and syllable, sound or sense.
2.00-3.00Lucas KleinExperiment and the contemporary translation of Chinese poetry: difficulty and dislocation
3.00-4.00Chris McCabeIs there a New Concrete?
4.00-5.00Li Chen, Chris McCabe, Peter McCareyReadings/Performances


Friday 21st October: [FAH-E21 Black Box Theatre]

10.00-11.00David JacksonTranscreation Without Borders
11.15-11.30Simone Homem de MelloThe Encoding of the Avant Garde Tradition In Augusto De Campos’ “Intraduções”
11.30-12.30Dora HuangEdwin Morgan’s Transcreation of Haroldo de Campos’ ‘Servidaõ de Passagem”
12.30-2:00 Lunch
2.00-3.00Tong-King LeeTranscreating Textual Memes: The Case of Chinese Concrete Poetry
3.00-4.00John CorbettMapping an international literary movement: using social network analysis.



All are welcome




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