FAH-DENG Seminar: ‘Media Language, Technological Change and Broadcast Talk’ by Prof. Martin Montgomery


11 Mar 2016





The purpose of this seminar is, firstly, to explore in general some of the interrelations between language, media and technology, and secondly, to consider in more detail the way in which the changing technologies that underpin television news-reading have interacted with emerging forms of discourse.  More specifically I aim to show how a textual realization or form – viz. looking to camera – becomes a discursive practice (direct visual address), in response to the affordances of a particular communicative technology. These changes take place, however, within the context of the communicative ethos of television, with its emphasis on sociability and para-social interaction, qualities already embedded in particular social relations of production and reception. In conclusion, I hope to demonstrate that technology does not simply cause change to take place in our complex communicative world; it is itself a response to changes in the way we wish to communicate with others.


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