Invitation: DENG Guest Lecture – “Corpus-based language description for English for Academic Purposes”, by Prof. John Flowerdew, City University of Hong Kong, China


17 Feb 2016





Language description is a fundamental requirement for second language (L2) syllabus design. The greatest advances in language description in recent decades have been achieved with the help of electronic corpora. In this talk, I will present a selective overview of such recent work with regard to academic English and of relevance to the teaching of English for Academic Purposes. The introduction to the presentation first introduces some basic concepts and principles in corpus research for language pedagogy.  The main body of the talk then focuses on four different types of corpora: expert professional corpora, expert student corpora, L2 learner corpora, and lingua franca corpora. Finally, the conclusion argues that corpus-based language description can provide important insights to teachers and learners about discourse practices across the academic disciplines and genres.



John Flowerdew is a Professor in the Department of English, City University of Hong Kong. His research and teaching are in the field of Applied Linguistics, specializing in discourse studies, with a focus on academic discourse, critical discourse analysis, and corpus-based approaches. He has authored or edited 15 books and special editions of journals, including Academic Listening: Research Perspectives (1994) Cambridge University Press; The Final Years of British Hong Kong: The Discourse of Colonial Withdrawal (1998) Macmillan; English for Academic Purposes: Research Perspectives (with M. Peacock) (2001) Cambridge University Press; Academic Discourse (2002) Longman; Second Language Listening: Theory and Practice (with L. Miller) (2005) Cambridge University Press; Advances in Discourse Studies (with V.K. Bhatia and R. Jones) (2008) Routledge; Lexical Cohesion and Corpus Linguistics (with M. Mahlberg) (2009) John Benjamins; Critical Discourse Analysis in Historiography: The Case of Hong Kong’s Evolving Political Identity (2011) Palgrave Macmillan; Discourse in English Language Education (2013) Routledge; and Signalling Nouns in Discourse: A corpus-based, discourse approach (with R. Forest) (2015) Cambridge University Press. In addition, he has published over 100 book chapters and internationally refereed journal articles. He serves on the editorial boards of a range of international journals and is regularly invited to give plenary talks at conferences internationally.


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