MA in Translation Studies Curriculum Before 2014/2015

Last updated:22 Mar 2016

Course Code

Course Title 

Credit Units

1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester


Compulsory Course, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester:
ENGL700Comparative Language Studies for translation3
ENGL701Theoretical Concepts of Translation Studies3
ENGL702Translation Technology3
Elective Courses, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester:
6 elective courses (students have to choose required elective courses Group A or Group B)18

4th Semester


Compulsory Course, 4th Semester:
ENGL703Research design and writing3

Total Credits:



Electives courses Group A (Practical Translation and interpreting courses)
Course CodeCourse Title
TRSL710Chinese–English Translation
TRSL711English–Chinese Translation
TRSL712Interpreting I Chinese/English
TRSL713Interpreting II Chinese/English
TRSL714Chinese–Portuguese Translation
TRSL715Portuguese–Chinese Translation
TRSL716Interpreting I Chinese/Portuguese
TRSL717Interpreting II Chinese/Portuguese
TRSL718English–Portuguese Translation
TRSL719Portuguese–English Translation
TRSL720Interpreting I English/Portuguese
TRSL721Interpreting II English/Portuguese
Electives courses Group B
Course CodeCourse Title
TRSL740A Discourse Approach to Translation
TRSL741Business translation
TRSL742Cultural Issues in Translation
TRSL743Gender in Translation Studies
TRSL744History, Culture and Translation
TRSL745Literary Translation
TRSL746Literature, Culture and Translation: Language and Ideology
TRSL747Reading Translated Works
TRSL748/749/750/751Special topics in Translation I–IV
TRSL752Translating Cultures
TRSL753Translating for the Media
TRSL754Translation and Comparative Literature
TRSL755Translation of Legal Texts
TRSL756Translation of Subtitles
TRSL757Translation of Texts in Popular Culture
TRSL758Translation of Texts in the Arts
TRSL759Translating Texts in Social Sciences
TRSL760Translation Criticism and Assessment
TRSL761Translation Project