PhD Programmes Study Plan 2013/2014

Last updated:22 Mar 2016

University-wide Courses/Seminars (offerred by the Graduate School)
Course CodeCourse Title
GRSC801Research Ethics
GRSC802Research Writing
Total Credits


Disciplinary Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
Compulsory Course
ENGL890Practice of Scholarship I
Elective courses (Choose 1 to 3 courses from the following list)
3 to 9
ENGL891Practice of Scholarship II  (1 to 3 credits)

ENGL892Practice of Teaching I (1 credit)
ENGL893Practice of Teaching II (1 credit)
ENGL894Directed Reading I (1 credit)
ENGL895Directed Reading II (1 credit)
ENGL896Practice of Writing I (1 credit)
ENGL897Practice of Writing II (1 credit)
ENGL801Special Topics In Literature (3 credits)
ENGL802Special Topics In Literature I (3 credits)
ENGL803Special Topics In Literature II (3 credits)
ENGL804Special Topics In Literature III (3 credits)
ENGL805Special Topics In Linguistics (3 credits)
ENGL806Special Topics In Linguistics I (3 credits)
ENGL807Special Topics In Linguistics II (3 credits)
ENGL808Special Topics In Linguistics III (3 credits)
ENGL809Special Topic In Translation I (3 credits)
ENGL810Special Topic In Translation II (3 credits)
ENGL811Special Topic In Translation III (3 credits)
ENGL812Special Topic In Translation IV (3 credits)
Total Credits
6 to 12


Doctoral Thesis

Course CodeCourse Title
ENGL899Doctoral Thesis